AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Telephone operation
Options while on calls
Blind transfer
While on an outside call, you can transfer the call to a specific device or any
device without notifying them.
To transfer an outside call from a handset:
1. During the call, press MENU/SELECT.
2. Press MENU/SELECT to choose >Transfer.
If you have one handset, the outside call is put on
hold and your handset shows Transferring call... The
telephone base rings and shows Transfer from HANDSET.
If you have more than one handset, your screen shows
TRANSFER TO: Use the dialing keys to eenter a specific
device number (0 for the telephone base, 1-9 for
handsets 1-9, TONE and 0 for handset 10,
TONE and 1 for handset 11, TONE and 2 for handset
12, or TONE and # for all devices), or press qCID or
pDIR to scroll to the desired device and press MENU/
SELECT. The outside call is put on hold and your handset
screen shows Transferring call... or Transferring call to
all... The other device rings and shows
Transfer from HANDSET X (HANDSET represents the
handset name, X represents the handset number).
3. To answer the call on the destination handset, press, press PHONE/FLASH or
/SPEA�ERSPEA�ER. To answer the call on the telephone base, press, press
/SPEA�ERSPEA�ER. The initiating handset shows Call transferred and goes to
idle mode.
>Handset 2
Phone 0:00:12