Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

You can communicate and program your BC780XLT in numerous ways with peripheral
devices using the Remote Interface Cable port. This radio offers the following modes:
PC Control MODE
Program and control your scanner from a PC using third party software.
Clone all the frequencies, trunking talkgroups, and fleet maps programmed into your
scanner to another BC780XLT scanner.
Remote Interface
PC Control Mode
To connect Scanner to PC:
Plug the scanner end of the RS232C straight interface cable into the remote port on the rear
of your scanner.
Plug the other end of the cable (DB-9 serial connector) into a personal computers serial port.
A few PCs may require an adapter, most will not. You may need a DB-9 to DB-25 null
modem adapter, or gender changer adapter, available at most computer stores. Of course,
make sure your PC is turned on.
To program your scanner:
You can program and control your scanner remotely from a PC using third party software.
After connecting the scanner to a PC, turn the radio on.
To use the Remote (PC Control) mode, you must purchase third party software and use as
directed. Make sure that your scanner is connected to the serial port of the PC using the
RS232C straight cable.
Start Remote Mode:
Press E key for 2 seconds. REMOTE mode is selected.
To distinguish from Normal operation mode, "
RMT" icon
A unique feature of the BC780XLT is that all the front panel keys as well as the VFO on the
radio remain operational in remote mode.
For information on purchasing cables, connectors, and third party software to program and
control your BC780XLT, you can contact the following: