Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

Your BC780XLT is programmed with default step sizes for each frequency range
(see inside front cover). Steps are important if you are interested in using the VFO
to tune off-frequency from a frequency programmed into memory or if you wish to
program a frequency that the default step size will not accept. For example, in VHF
Hi-band mode, the default step size between 148 and 162 MHz is 5 KHz. However,
the FCC has recently instituted 7.5 KHz channel intervals. If you wish to enter
155.4075 into the scanner without changing the default step, the scanner will
change the programmed frequency to 155.4100. Use the menu to change the
default step size to 7.5 KHz and then you will be able to enter 155.4075.
Default receive modes are also programmed into memory. AM for the aircraft and
CB bands, for example. All frequencies (other than TV broadcast audio) above 400
MHz are received in NFM mode which helps prevent adjacent channel interference.
You can change the default settings on a per-channel basis with this Menu item.
You can flag any channel for recording using this menu function. The LINE icon will
become active for any such flagged channel. Use your own recording device
plugged into the jack on the back of the scanner.
Choose the Trunk bank. The following options are available for the selected trunk
bank only. Repeat using a different trunk bank, if necessary.
You will need to assign the correct trunking type for the bank you are about to
program. If you want to listen to a Motorola Type 1 system, you will need to use this
menu option to assign the same. If you do not know the type of trunking system
you are about to monitor, refer to the guide included with the radio or check out
Note:Some trunking systems require that you know the channel order. In these
cases you will also need to start programming the trunked system at the
start of the bank. The scanner defaults to the most common type of
trunking system, Motorola Type II.
You can set delay for a trunk system on a bank by bank basis. If youve set delay
for 1 second, then there will be a one second delay in Trunk Search for that bank
and a one second delay for all the talkgroups you have programmed into Scan List
memory. You cannot set delay individually by talkgroup. The default delay is
two seconds.
This Record option applies to Trunk Search. If you have set Record on, the LINE
icon will be lit. All talkgroups received during Trunk Search will be recordable
through the
TAPE OUT jack on the back of the scanner. To record individual
talkgroups during Scan, see Item 5 on the next page. The default is off.