Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

5. Press s or t to select one of the delay periods provided and then press
DLY appears on the display unless no delay has been set.
6. For Search mode, select
SEARCH EVENT - DELAY, then set the delay period.
Note: The delay periods are as follows:
None: Delay feature off
1 sec.: Delays for 1 sec. before re-scanning
2 sec.: Delays for 2 sec. before re-scanning
4 sec.: Delays for 4 sec. before re-scanning
Infinite: Stays on until SCAN is pressed
-2 sec.: Stays for 2 sec. only before re-scanning *
-5 sec.: Stays for 5 sec. only before re-scanning *
-10 sec.: Stays for 10 sec. only before re-scanning *
* Setting negative delay periods are useful if you are only interested in small
segments of conversations. For example: If you set a -5 second delay, you will only
hear 5 seconds of the conversation and then the scanner will resume scanning,
whether or not the conversation is finished.
Channel Lockout
You can lockout any channel so it is not checked during normal scanning. You can restore
the channel to scanning when you wish.
Lockout in Manual Mode
1. Press MAN.
2. Select a channel.
Enter the channel numbers.
MAN again.
––– OR –––
MAN or HOLD/ to change higher,
LIMIT/ to lower the channel.
3. Press
L/O to lockout the channel.
L/O appears in the display.
Lockout in Scanning Mode
If the scanner keeps stopping on a particular channel due to noise or too frequent
transmissions, you may want to keep that channel from scanning.
1. Wait until the scanner stops at the channel.
2. Then press