Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

Set a delay for the search ranges. This applies to all ranges (See CHANNEL DATA-
STEPS for details).
Set attenuation for all search ranges. (See CHANNEL DATA-ATTENUATOR
for details).
The default mode is off. This means that you will receive all transmissions on any
frequencies that are active within your search range(s). By selecting CTCSS or
DCS you can set the radio to receive only a particular subaudible tone to be
received during your search. You can also lockout a particular CTCSS or DCS tone.
You may wish to do this if you want to search a range but not hear transmissions
on any frequency that have particular subaudible tone.
Note: Through the System Menu you can set the radio to operate in Tone Search
mode during Search as well. In this mode, the radio will automatically determine the
active subaudible tone on any frequency received during the Search.
With Record set to on, any frequency that is active, during the search, can be
recorded to an external tape recorder.
You can automatically store active frequencies found during a search into memory.
You can select which bank you want to program the found frequencies. Note that
the audio will be muted during Auto Store.