Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

Applying Power for Vehicle Installation
You can power your scanner using either the supplied DC power cord or your vehicles
cigarette lighter socket using DC cigarette lighter power cord.
Caution: You must use a power source that supplies 13.8 V DC and delivers at least
700 mA. Your standard 12 V car battery should be sufficient. The cord connectors
center tip must be set to positive and its plug must fit the scanners
DC 13.8 V
jack. The supplied DC power cord meets these specifications. Using a power cord
that does not meet these specifications could damage the scanner or the adapter.
Always connect the adapter or DC power cord to the scanner before you connect it to the
power source. When you finish, disconnect the adapter or DC power cord from the power
source before you disconnect it from the scanner.
For added safety and to protect your scanner,
disconnect the cable from your vehicle batterys
negative (-) terminal before you begin.
Follow these steps to connect the supplied DC power cord.
1. Connect the power cords black wire to a chassis ground, such as a metal screw
attached to a metal part of the vehicles frame. Be sure that the screw is not insulated
from the frame by a plastic part.
2. Connect the power cords red wire (with in-line fuse)
to a source of voltage that turns on and off with the
ignition switch, such as a spare accessory terminal in
your vehicles fuse box.
3. Insert the power cords barrel plug into the
DC 13.8 V
jack on the back of the scanner.
4. Reconnect the cable to the vehicle batterys
negative (-) terminal.
To power the scanner from a vehicles 12 V power source (such as a cigarette-lighter
socket), you need a cigarette-lighter adapter.
To connect an optional DC cigarette-lighter power cable, insert its barrel plug into the
DC 13.8 V jack on the back of the scanner, then plug the power cable into your vehicles
cigarette lighter socket.
Note: If you use a cigarette-lighter power cable and your vehicles engine is running, you
might hear electrical noise from the engine while scanning. This is normal.