Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

1. After programming frequencies, simply press
begin scanning.
2. The bank indicators selected for scanning appear in the display, and the bank being
currently monitored flashes. You can deselect banks from active scanning by pressing
their number on your keypad. The indicator for each deselected bank turns off, and the
banks channels are not scanned.
Note: One Bank must always be active. You cannot deactivate all ten banks at the same
time. If you try to turn off all the banks, the first bank is automatically selected.
To restore a bank to active scanning, press the banks number on your keypad.
The banks indicator will display again.
3. During normal scanning the scanner skips
unprogrammed or locked out channels.
4. When a transmission is received, the scanner stops
on that channel. When the transmission ends, scanning
resumes automatically.
If you want to stop on a channel during scanning,
If you want to resume scanning, press SCAN.
To directly access a specific channel:
There are several ways to access a specific channel quickly.
1. Press
2. Using the keypad, enter the channel number.
3. Press
MAN again.
Another method is as follows:
1. Press the
VFO control until CHAN is displayed.
2. Rotate the
VFO control until the desired channel is
displayed. The scanner will automatically go to
manual mode.
Note: You can accidentally change the frequency if you dont
verify that
CHAN is displayed. If FREQ is displayed, you
will be changing the frequency when you rotate the
VFO control. Just dont press E or it will be changed!
9 10
7 8
not entered
Locked Out