Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

3. The scanner immediately resumes scanning because the locked
out channel is no longer in the scanning sequence.
Lockout Tips Write down your locked-out channels and put in a convenient place in
case you need to restore them.
Restoring a Locked-out Channel
1. Press MAN.
2. Select a locked out channel.
a. Enter the channel number.
b. Then press
MAN again.
3. Press
L/O to unlock the channel. The L/O icon goes out.
Restoring All Locked-out Channels
You can restore all locked-out channels in a bank only when a bank is selected for scan. If
you have deselected a bank and you want to restore all of its locked-out channels using the
steps below, you must press
SCAN and then press the number of the bank on your keypad.
1. Press
Note: You must be in Manual mode before restoring all
locked-out channels.
2. Press and hold
L/O for about two seconds.
You will hear two beeps when all the channels have
been restored.
Priority Scan
When Priority Scan is turned on, your scanner checks the priority channel every two
seconds for activity. If a signal is present on the priority channel, your scanner monitors the
channel until the transmission ends, then resumes normal scanning. You can designate one
channel in each bank as a Priority Channel. By default, the first channel in each bank is the
priority channel, but you can change this.
To activate Priority Scan (in either the Manual or Scan Mode):
1. Press
Note: If you have locked out the priority channel, ERROR
message appears when you select Priority mode.
2. Press
PRI again at anytime to deactivate Priority Scan.