Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

Beep Alert
The scanner can alert you with three rapid beeps at the beginning of a transmission on an
assigned frequency.
Assigning the beep alert to a channel
This alert can be set on/off to every channel (or to every ID memory for Trunking mode).
1. Press
2. Press
or to select CH DATA and then press E.
3. Select the channel number to be tagged using
or and then press E. (You can also
enter the channel number in using the keypad or
VFO control and then press E.)
4. Press
or to select BEEP ALERT and then press E.
5. Press
or to select ON or OFF and then pressing E.
Note: If NOT REGISTER appears, make sure a frequency is stored in the channel.
Programming Tips
Do not program a weather frequency into one of the channels, since weather channels
transmit continuously. Use the Weather Search feature to select the weather information band.
Group similar services into a bank. For example, program police frequencies in channels 1
through 10 and fire/emergency into channels 51 through 60, and so on.
Put the frequency that you listen to the most or the most important frequency into a
Priority channel.
To quickly program a series of channels, start with the lowest number channel.
For example, when you are programming five new frequencies into Channels 4 through
8, start with Channel 4. After you finish programming a channel, press
to go to the next higher channel.
Write down your programmed channels and frequencies and put in a convenient place in
case of accidental reprogramming.
Frequencies are rounded off according to the step of each channel.
When you are overwriting a tagged channel with a new frequency, the previous alpha tag
will be deleted. You must re-enter the alpha tag.
When programming frequencies, a 2 second delay is set automatically but can be
changed in the Channel Data menu.
Deleting a Stored Frequency
To delete a stored frequency:
a. Select a channel.
b. Press
c. Then press
Note: Channels with no frequencies are automatically locked out.