Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

Changing the Priority Channel
You cannot eliminate the Priority Channel, but you can change it to any one of the 50
available channels in each bank.
1. Press
2. To select a new Priority Channel:
a. Enter the channel number.
b. Then press
MAN again.
3. Press and hold
PRI for two seconds to designate this
channel as your new Priority Channel.
Two beeps indicate that the Priority
channel has been changed. The
P icon appears in
the display.
Note: Priority in Trunking mode works just the same, except instead of setting priorities
for channels, you set them for talkgroup IDs. The scanner only checks priority
talkgroups between transmission, not in 2 second intervals.
Priority scan is disabled while the
TRUNK icon is lit (an error tone will sound
if you try). To make it possible, turn off the
TRUNK icon then press PRI.
At Priority scan, it scans the designated Priority Channels in the banks
you selected.