Uniden BC780XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

I-Call (Motorola/EDACS)
I-Calls are direct unit-to-unit transmissions that are not heard by other system users. Your
BC780XLT can receive these transmissions. How you receive I-Calls depends on whether
you are in Search or Scan mode.
During I-Call reception the display will show the Unit ID number of either the transmitting or
receiving mobile unit, not a talkgroup. Unit IDs will display differently according to the type of
trunked system, and will replace the 'n's shown here.
Hint -- There are thousands of Unit IDs in typical systems, but relatively few I-Calls at a
given moment, so it is normally best to let the scanner to receive any I-Call without
trying to specify particular units.
In SEARCH mode, the scanner default is that I-Call reception is OFF. This means that
I-Calls will not be received until you program them to be ON. You have three choices for
controlling I-Call reception. Through the Menu system, go to TRUNK DATA / BANK NO /
I-CALL , and make your selection. The menu choices are:
In I-Call ONLY mode, the display will show
I-CALL, to warn that only I-Calls will
be received.
You can HOLD any I-Call ID. Because you can only hold on one ID, and there are two IDs
involved in any I-Call communication (the transmitting and the receiving units), you might not
hear the full conversation, but you probably will.
In SEARCH mode, when you hear an interesting I-Call, you can enter the instant
shortcut then
SRCH to enter I-Call ONLY mode. This blocks all talkgroup traffic
and lets you hear just the I-Call. To return to normal reception, you must use the
Menu system to select the ON or OFF option.
Note: When storing I-Call IDs, remember that the ID will be for only one of the units either
the transmitting or receiving unit. Unless you specifically want to receive a certain ID,
it might be better to use the special code in the HINT below.
1 OFF Not received Received normally This is the BC780XLT default
2 ON YES Received normally Use this choice to receive I-Calls
together with normal
talkgroup traffic.
3 ONLY YES NOT RECEIVED Use this setting to listen to
I-Calls, and block all talkgroup
reception. For quick access to
this mode, press then