VTech DS6151 Cordless Telephone User Manual

California Energy Commission battery charging testing
This telephone is set up to comply with the energy-conserving standards right out of the box.
These instructions are intended for California Energy Commission (CEC) compliance testing only.
When then CEC battery charging testing mode is activated, all telephone functions, except battery
charging, will be disabled.
To activate the CEC battery charging testing mode:
When the phone is not in use, press MENU,
, 2, 3, 2, 7, 3, 8, # and then the left softkey on the
telephone base.
The CEC battery charging testing mode will be activated in about 60 seconds. You hear a
confirmation tone from the telephone base.
When the phone successfully enters the CEC battery charging testing mode, all cordless
handsets will be deregistered. Then all handsets show Press [HOLD] on base for 4 sec,
then press [#] on handset.
When the phone fails to enter this mode, repeat the steps above.
To deactivate the CEC battery charging testing mode:
Unplug the telephone base power adapter from the power outlet, then plug it back in. Then the
telephone base is powered up as normal.
Place the handset in the telephone base. Make sure it displays Press [HOLD] on base for 4
sec, then press [#] on handset.
Press and hold HOLD on the telephone base for about four seconds until the telephone base
displays Registering handset.
While the handset is still in the telephone base, press # (pound key) on the handset. The
handset shows Registering... Please wait. The handset and the telephone base show
HANDSET X Registered (X represents the handset number assigned) and you hear a beep
when the registration completes. This process takes about to 60 seconds.
If the registration fails, the handset shows Registration failed. Remove the handset from
telephone base and place it back in. Then repeat Steps 1 to 4 again.