VTech DS6151 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Getting started
Telephone base installation (continued)
Use only the power adapter supplied with this product. To order a
replacement, visit our website at www.vtechphones.com or call
1 (800) 595-9511. In Canada, go to www.vtechcanada.com or dial
1 (800) 267-7377.
The power adapter is intended to be correctly oriented in a vertical or
floor mount position. The prongs are not designed to hold the plug in place
if it is plugged into a ceiling, under-the-table or cabinet outlet.
Figure Two: Installation with separate line jacks
Telephone base
power adapter
Electrical outlet
not controlled by
a wall switch
If you have DSL
Internet service,
a DSL filter (not
included) is
Telephone base
Connect the clear
telephone line cord to jack
labeled LINE 1/L1+L2.
Connect the
black telephone
line cord to jack
labeled LINE 2.
L1 telephone
wall jack
L2 telephone
wall jack