VTech DS6151 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Telephone operation
Caller ID history
If you subscribe to caller ID service provided by your telephone service
provider, information about each caller will appear after the first or second
ring. If you answer a call before the caller information appears on the screen,
it is not saved in the call log.
The call log stores up to 50 entries. Each entry has up to 24 digits for the
phone number and 15 characters for the name. If the phone number has
more than 15 digits, only the last 15 digits appear. If the name has more
than 15 characters, only the first 15 characters are shown and saved in the
call log.
You can review, redial, and copy an entry into the directory.
Entries appear in reverse chronological order.
When the call log is full, the oldest entry is deleted to make room for new
incoming call information.
L1)X Missed and/or L2)X Missed displays when there are new call log
entries that have not been reviewed.
Call log empty shows when there are no records in the call log.
Only one handset or the telephone base can review the call log at a time. If
a handset tries to enter the call log while another handset or the telephone
base is already in it, its screen shows Not available at this time.
Missed calls indicator
When there are calls that have not been reviewed in
the call log, the corresponding line message,
L1)X Missed or L2)X Missed
, shows on the handset and
the telephone base.
Each time you review a call log entry marked NEW, the
number of missed calls decreases by one.
When you have reviewed all the missed calls, the missed
calls indicator no longer shows.
If you do not want to review the missed calls one by one,
press and hold OFF on the handset or CANCEL on the
telephone base to erase the missed calls indicator. All the entries are then
considered old and kept in the call log.
If the phone number has more than 24 digits, it will not be saved or shown in
the call log.
L1)X Missed
L2)X Missed
12:45am 12/31
12:45am 12/31