VTech DS6151 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Telephone operation
Temporary tone dialing
The dial mode is preset to tone. If you do not
have touch-tone service, you need to change the
setting to pulse (page 14 and 19).
If you have pulse (rotary) service, you can
change from pulse to tone dialing during a call
by pressing TONE on the handset or telephone
base. This is useful if you need to send touch-
tone signals to access telephone banking or long
distance services.
Once you have initiated your call by dialing the
phone number in pulse (rotary), press TONE
on the handset or telephone base. Now, all
subsequent key presses will be sent as touch-
tone signals.
After you hang up the call, the phone returns to pulse (rotary) dialing for the
next call.
Handset locator
This feature helps you find a misplaced handset.
To start paging:
Press the MENU softkey when the telephone base is
not in use.
Press /CID or /DIR to select Page all HS, then
press the SELECT softkey on the telephone base.
The telephone base shows Paging all handsets and
the handset shows **Paging**.
To end paging:
Press the STOP softkey on the telephone base.
Press OFF, , , , INT, /CID, /DIR, REDIAL/PAUSE, HOLD or any
dialing keys (0-9, #, TONE ) on the handset.
Call log
Page all HS