VTech DS6151 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Getting started
CHARGE light
On when the handset is charging in the telephone
base (page 4).
(line 2/flash)
Press to make or answer a call on line 2.
During a call, press to receive an incoming call on
line 2 when you receive a call waiting alert
(page 31).
During a call, press to hang up (page 30).
Press and hold while the telephone is not in use to
erase the missed calls indicator (page 56).
Press to delete a digit or character while entering a
number or name.
While in a menu, press to return to the previous
menu or press and hold to return to the idle mode.
Press repeatedly to show other dialing options when
reviewing a call log entry (page 58).
INT (intercom)
Press to initiate an intercom conversation (page 37)
or transfer a call (page 40).
Press to put a call on hold (page 32).
Handset layout (continued)
Headset jack
Plug in a wired headset for handsfree telephone
conversation (page 6).