AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

To place an outside call using ARS:
Touch a Pool Access button.
This signals ARS to expect an outside call.
Lift your handset.
Dial the outside telephone number you want.
You hear beeps instead of Touch-Tones or rotary clicks as you dial.
Wait a few moments.
Pool Access
If you hear a faster busy signal than normal:
Touch the same Pool Access button you used to begin your
If you hear a fast
system busy signal:
Hang up and redial in a few moments using the Pool Ac-
+ +
cess procedure or the Saved Number Redial feature (see
page 26).
For ARS to work, you must dial a “1” before dialing a
long distance number, even if you do not normally do so.
Line Request
If you are waiting to use a line that is busy, you can have the
system signal you when the line is free:
Without lifting your handset, touch the button for the busy
The red light next to the button goes on.
When you hear the voice terminal ring briefly, indicating
the line is available, lift your handset.
You cancel your Line Request when you touch another line but-
ton or when you receive or place another call.