AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

If your voice terminal has Pool Access buttons, calls coming in
on the pooled lines do not ring at your voice terminal unless you
change the setting for your Pool Access buttons.
To program line ringing:
Slide the T/P switch to the P position.
Touch the line button successively until the red light in-
dicates the type of ringing you want.
Red light on
immediate ring
+ +
Red light flashing delayed ring
Red light off
no ring
Slide the T/P switch to the center position.
If your lines are not pooled, the green light flashes next to the
line button when a call comes in for you, even if you program
the line not to ring. If you want to answer the call:
Touch the button next to the flashing green light.
Lift your handset.
Personalized Ringing
If your voice terminal’s ringing is easily confused with the ring-
ing of other nearby voice terminals, you can choose another
ringing pattern from eight different ringing options.