AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

Using the following simple procedure, you can assign and
reassign custom features to any buttons that are not already
assigned outside lines, intercom lines, or fixed features.
Label the button(s) you want to program.
Slide the T/P (Test/Program) switch on the left side
of the voice terminal toward you to the P (Program)
The voice terminal rings every 5 seconds to remind you that
you are programming and that you cannot place or receive
Without lifting your handset, touch the button you
want to program.
Dial the feature’s programming code and any other
numbers required.
If you want to program other buttons, repeat the two
previous steps.
Slide the T/P switch to the center position.
+ +
If you make a mistake entering a programming code,
simply touch the button again and reenter the code.
The following feature descriptions include feature programming
codes and brief programming instructions. For example:
To program:
T/P to P
Touch the button
Dial * 84
T/P to center
means slide the T/P switch to P, touch the button you want to
program, dial the programming code (in this case, * 84), and
slide the T/P switch to the center position.