AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

Use the Call Coverage feature to receive calls directed to
another voice terminal. Follow the instructions below to program
a Cover button for each person you want to cover (you can have
up to six Cover buttons). Program this feature on buttons with
To program:
T/P to P
Touch a button
Dial * 4 +
the intercom number of the person you
want to cover
T/P to center
When you receive a call for a person you’re covering, your voice
terminal rings and the green light next to that person’s Cover
button flashes. To answer the call:
Lift your handset.
You can program Cover buttons so covered calls ring im-
mediately, after a delay, or don’t ring at all (see “Programmable
Line Ringing,” page 44). If you program a Cover button not to
ring, the green light still flashes next to the Cover button when
a call comes in, and you can still answer the call:
Touch the Cover button.
Lift your handset.
Cover John
If someone is covering your calls, you may want to program your
voice terminal to ring after a delay, but your voice terminal can-
not be set to “no ring.” If you share lines with another person,
use Programmable Line Ringing to cover one another’s calls
(see “Programmable Line Ringing,” page 44).