AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

Using a Dial Code (5- and 10-button voice terminals only)
When you dial a number you want to save for later redialing:
Before hanging up, dial #23.
To redial the number you saved:
Lift your handset.
Dial #23.
Use the Last Number Redial feature to redial the number you
dialed most recently. (The number cannot contain a pause, a
stop, a Touch-Tone enable, or a switchhook flash.) If you have
a 34-button voice-terminal, you can follow the programming in-
structions below to program this feature onto a button. If you
have a 5- or 10-button voice terminal, you can dial a code to use
this feature and save a button for another use.
To program:
T/P to P
Touch the button
Dial * 73
T/P to center
If you program a Last Number button, you can redial the number
you most recently called with the touch of a button:
Lift your handset.
Last Number.
Last Number
Using a Dial Code (5- and 10-button voice terminals only)
To redial a number using the Last Number Redial code:
Lift your handset.
Dial #24.