AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

This feature controls the order in which the system selects out-
side lines when you lift your handset to place a call. You can,
for instance, program the line you use most often to be the first
line in the Automatic Line Selection sequence, and a line you
use less often to be the next line the system selects. Then, when
you lift your handset, the system automatically selects the line
you usually use, if that line is not busy. If it is busy, the system
automatically selects your second choice, unless that line is
busy, and so on.
You can specify up to eight of your outside lines (both individual
and pooled) and intercom lines for Automatic Line Selection.
If you plan to program other features when you program
Automatic Line Selection, you must program Automatic Line
Selection first. If you are already in the middle of a programming
session, slide the T/P switch to center and then back to P before
programming this feature.
Slide the T/P switch to the P position.
Dial * *.
Touch the line buttons in the order you prefer.
Slide the T/P switch to the center position.
+ +
If you dial ** and then do
touch a line button or a
Pool Access button, you cancel Automatic Line Selection.