AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

To make an outside call with Dial Access to Line Pools:
Touch a Pool Access button.
Lift your handset.
When you hear a dial tone, dial a code for the line pool you
When you hear another dial tone, dial the telephone
number you want.
Pool Access
+ +
NOTE: Ask your system administrator if your system has
Automatic Route Selection (ARS). If it does, follow the procedure
for making outside calls in the next section, “Automatic Route
Selection.” Neither of the above procedures works for you if your
system has ARS.
Automatic Route Selection
If you have Pool Access buttons, your
system may
have Automatic Route Selection (ARS). Ask your system admin-
istrator if your system has ARS.
This feature automatically selects the best available route for
each outside call you make using a Pool Access button. For ex-
ample, if you touch Pool Access and dial a long distance
number, ARS may select WATS as the least expensive route for
your call. In this case, ARS automatically routes your call onto
a WATS line.