AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

Use the Group Page feature to make announcements through
the speakers in groups of 10 voice terminals specified by your
system administrator. Your system can have as many as seven
groups. You can use the instructions below to program buttons
for the groups you want to page. Or, you can save your feature
buttons for other uses and dial a code to use the Group Page
To program:
T/P to P
Touch the button
Dial * 91
+ a Group Page code (841=group 1,
842=group 2, 843=group 3; 844=group
4, 845=group 5, 846=group 6,
847=group 7)
T/P to center.
To use a Group Page button to make an announcement through
a group of voice terminal speakers:
Touch the Group Page button for the group you want to
When you hear a beep, lift your handset and make your
Group Page 1