AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

Use the Outside Auto Dial feature for one-touch dialing of fre-
quently used telephone numbers, account numbers, or PBX,
Centrex, or Custom Calling feature codes. You can include up
to 16 numbers and special characters in an Auto Dial sequence.
To program:
T/P to P
Touch the button
Dial * 90
+ an outside number, an account
number, or a PBX, Centrex, or Custom
Calling feature code
T/P to center
To use the Outside Auto Dial feature:
Without lifting your handset, touch the Outside Auto
Dial button for the number you want to dial.
Your voice terminal speaker goes on, and you hear dialing.
When you hear the other person answer, lift your
+ +
If the line is busy or if no one answers:
to cancel the call.
Special Characters in Programmed Dialing Sequences
You may occasionally need to program a pause, stop, or switch-
hook flash into an Outside Auto Dial or Speed Dial sequence,
or you may need to switch from rotary to Touch-Tone signals in
the middle of a programmed dialing sequence. To do so, you
need to enter the following special characters when you pro-
gram the sequence.