AT&T 1030 IP Phone User Manual

(5- and 10-button voice terminals only)
When you don’t have many buttons available to program for Out-
side Auto Dial, you can use the programming instructions below
to assign a 3-character Personal Speed Dial code (#01 through
#22) to each telephone number, account number, or PBX, Cen-
trex, or Custom Calling code you frequently dial. You can assign
a sequence containing up to 16 numbers and special characters
to a Personal Speed Dial code.
To program:
T/P to P
Dial a Personal Speed Dial
code (#01 through #22)
Dial * 90 + a
telephone number, an account number,
or a PBX, Centrex, or Custom Calling
feature code
T/P to center.
To place a call using a Personal Speed Dial code:
Lift your handset.
Dial a Personal Speed Dial code (#01 through #22).
speed dial