VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Energy-saving charging mode
When this mode is activated, all telephone functions, except handset battery charging, will be disabled.
To activate the energy-saving charging mode:
Unplug the telephone base power adapter from the power outlet. Make sure all handsets are plugged
with charged batteries before proceeding.
While you press and hold FIND HANDSET, plug the telephone base power adapter back to the
power outlet.
After about 20 seconds, when the IN USE light starts ashing, release FIND HANDSET and then
press it again within 2 seconds.
When the phone successfully enters the energy-saving charging mode, the IN USE light turns off
and all handsets display To register HS... and ...see manual alternately.
When the phone fails to enter this mode, repeat Step 1 through Step 3 above.
Note: The telephone base will be powered up as normal if you fail to press FIND HANDSET within
2 seconds in Step 3.
To deactivate the energy-saving charging mode:
Unplug the telephone base power adapter from the power outlet, then plug it back in. Then the
telephone base is powered up as normal.
Register your handsets back to the telephone base. See page 56 for handset registration instructions.
Taking care of your telephone
Your cordless telephone contains sophisticated electronic parts, so it must be treated with care.
Avoid rough treatment
Place the handset down gently. Save the original packing materials to protect your telephone if you ever
need to ship it.
Avoid water
Your telephone can be damaged if it gets wet. Do not use the handset outdoors in the rain, or handle it with
wet hands. Do not install the telephone base near a sink, bathtub or shower.
Electrical storms
Electrical storms can sometimes cause power surges harmful to electronic equipment. For your own safety,
take caution when using electrical appliances during storms.
Cleaning your telephone
Your telephone has a durable plastic casing that should retain its luster for many years. Clean it only with a
soft cloth slightly dampened with water or mild soap. Do not use excess water or cleaning solvents of
any kind.
Remember that electrical appliances can cause serious injury if used when you are wet or standing in
water. If the telephone base should fall into water, DO NOT RETRIEVE IT UNTIL YOU UNPLUG THE
POWER CORD AND TELEPHONE LINE CORD FROM THE WALL. Then remove the telephone by the
unplugged cords.