VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Expand your telephone system
Your telephone base can support up to ve handsets. Each handset must be
registered to the telephone base before use. The handsets provided within your
product package are already registered as HANDSET 1 and so forth. You can add
new handsets (CS6709, purchased separately) to your telephone base. Additional
handsets are assigned numbers in the sequential order they are registered (up to
Add and register a handset
When rst purchased, each expansion handset displays To register HS... and
...see manual alternately. You may need to charge the handset before registering to
the telephone base. For more details on battery charging, see the table on page 4.
To register a handset:
Place the new/non-registered handset in the telephone base.
2. After about 10 seconds, the handset displays Registering... When the registration
process completes, the handset displays Registered and you hear a conrmation
tone. The registration process takes about 90 seconds to complete.
If the registration fails, the handset displays Failed, and then To register HS... and
...see manual alternately, remove the handset from the telephone base and place it
back in. Try the registration process again.
You cannot register a handset if any other system handset is in use.
Only one handset can register to the telephone base at a time.
Do not place the handset
in the charger.