VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Replace a handset
If you want to replace a handset, or reassign the designated handset number of
a registered handset, you must deregister all handsets that are registered to the
telephone base. Then register each handset individually.
To make deregistration easier, read all of the instructions below before you begin.
To deregister all handsets:
Press and hold FIND HANDSET on the telephone base for about 10 seconds until
the IN USE light on the telephone base turns on and starts to ash.
Immediately press FIND HANDSET again. You must press FIND HANDSET
while the IN USE light is still ashing. The IN USE light ashes for approximately
ve seconds.
All handsets display To register HS... and ...see manual alternately when the
deregistration process completes. The deregistration process takes about
10 seconds to complete.
To register the handset(s) to the telephone base again, follow the registration
instructions on the previous page.
You cannot deregister all handsets if any other system handset is in use.
If deregistration fails, you may need to reset the system and try again. To reset, unplug
the power from the telephone base and plug it back in.
Even if the battery is depleted, you can still deregister all handsets by following the steps
above. After the handset is charged for at least 10 minutes, the handset alternately
shows To register HS... and ...see manual.