VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Telephone settings
Clear voicemail
If you subscribe to voicemail service offered by your telephone service provider,
the handsets display New voicemail and when you have new voicemail
messages. Contact your telephone service provider for more information about
using your voicemail service.
After you have listened to all new voicemail messages, the indicators on the handsets
turn off automatically.
Use the clear voicemail feature when the telephone indicates that there is new
voicemail but there are none (for example, when you have accessed your voicemail
while away from home). The clear voicemail feature only turns off the indicators;
it does not delete your voicemail messages. As long as you have new voicemail
messages, your telephone service provider continues to send the signal to turn on
the indicators.
To manually turn off these indicators:
Press MENU when the handset is not in use.
Press or until the handset displays Settings,
then press SELECT.
Press or until the handset displays Clr voicemail,
then press SELECT. The handset displays Reset VM Icon?
Press SELECT to save your selection. You hear a
conrmation tone.
Your telephone service provider may alert you of new messages with
a stutter (broken) dial tone. Contact your telephone service provider
for details.
Reset VM Icon?
Clr voicemail