VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Getting started
Press repeatedly to add or remove 1 in front of the caller ID log
entry before dialing or saving it to the directory while reviewingwhile reviewing
a caller ID log entry ( (page 40).
Press and hold to set or dial your voicemail number (page 16
and page 23).
Dialing keys
Press to enter numbers or characters.
Press to answer an incoming call (page 20).
Press to make or answer a call using the handset speakphone
(page 20).
Press to switch between the handset speakerphone and the
handset earpiece during a call (page 20).
Press to switch to tone dialing temporarily when using pulse
service while on a call (page 22).
Handset layout
Press to mute the microphone while on a call (page 21).
Press to delete digits or characters while using the dialing keys
(page 20 or page 30).
Press to silence the ringer temporarily while the handset is
ringing (page 21).
Press to delete the displayed entry when reviewing the
directory, caller ID log or redial list (page 33, page 42 or
page 22).
Press and hold to set and turn on the quiet mode, or turn it off
(page 13).
Press repeatedly to show other dialing options when reviewing
a caller ID log entry (page 40).
Press to start an intercom conversation or transfer a call
(for multi-handset models only) (page 27).
CHARGE light
On when the handset is charging in the telephone base or
charger (page 3).