VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

The outgoing announcement is not clear.
When recording the announcement, make sure you speak in a normal tone of voice towards
the microphone of the handset.
Make sure there is no background noise when recording.
The answering system does not record messages.
Make sure the answering system is on.
When the answering machine memory is full, it does not record new messages until some
old messages are deleted.
If you subscribe to voicemail service, change the number of rings so that your answering
system answers before your voicemail answers (page 49). To determine how many rings
activate your voicemail, contact your telephone service provider.
If there is a fax machine connected to the same telephone line, try disconnecting the fax
machine. If that solves the problem, consult your fax machine documentation for information
on compatibility with answering systems.
The messages on the answering system are very difcult to hear.
Press /VOLUME on handset or VOL
on the telephone base to increase the
listening volume.
The messages on the answering system are incomplete.
If a caller leaves a very long message, part of it may be lost when the answering system
disconnects the call after the preset recording time.
If the memory on the answering system becomes full during a message, the answering
system stops recording and disconnects the call.
If the caller’s voice is very soft, the answering system may stop recording and disconnect
the call.
The answering system does not respond to remote commands.
Make sure your remote access code is correct (page 47).
Make sure you are calling from a touch-tone telephone. When dialing a number, there should
be tones. If there are clicks, then it is not a touch-tone telephone and cannot activate the
answering system.
The answering system may not detect the remote access code when your announcement is
playing. Wait until the announcement is over before entering the code.
There may be interference on the telephone line you are using. Press the dialing keys rmly
when dialing.