VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Multiple handset use
Use the intercom feature for conversations between two handsets. You can buy
additional expansion handsets (CS6709) for this telephone base. You can register up
to ve handsets to the telephone base.
Press INT on your handset when not in use.
If you have only one handset, your handset displays
INT needs 2 HS.
If you have two handsets, your handset displays
Calling HS X.
If you have three or more handsets, your handset displays
Intercom to. Use the dialing keys to enter a destination
handset. Your handset displays Calling HS X.
The destination handset rings and its screen displays
HS X is calling.
2. To answer the intercom call, press , , INT or any dialing
key (0-9, TONE or QUIET
) on the destination handset.
Both handsets now display Intercom.
3. To end the intercom call, press OFF or place the handset back
in the telephone base or charger. Both handsets now display
Intercom ended.
You can cancel the intercom call before it is answered by pressing OFF or INT on the
originating handset.
If the destination handset does not answer the intercom call within 100 seconds, is
accessing the answering system, on a call or out of range, the originating handset displays
Unable to call and returns to idle mode.
Press OFF or MUTE on the destination handset to temporarily silence the intercom ringer.
You can use four handsets on two pairs of intercom calls. For example, when four
handsets are used on two pairs of intercom calls, use the fifth handset for an outside call.
If there is an incoming call while the originating handset displays Calling HS X,
the intercom request will be stopped and the screen displays Incoming call.
Answer an incoming call during an intercom call
When you receive an outside call during an intercom call, there is an alert tone.
To answer the outside call, press . The intercom call ends automatically.
To end the intercom call without answering the outside call, press OFF.
The telephone continues to ring.
Calling HS X
HS X is calling