VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Answering system operation
Remote access
A two-digit security code is required to access the answering system remotely from
any touch-tone telephone. The preset code is 19. See Remote access code on
page 47 to change it.
Dial your telephone number from any touch-tone telephone.
When the answering system answers, enter the two-digit remote access code.
Then you can enter one of the following remote commands.
Command Description
1 Play all messages.
2 Play only new messages.
3 Delete the current message (during playback).
33 Delete all old messages.
4 Repeat the current message (during playback).
5 Stop.
*5 Hear a list of remote commands.
6 Skip to the next message (during playback).
*7 Record a new announcement.
8 End the call.
0 Turn the answering system on or off.
4. Hang up or press 8 to end the call.
If you do not press any key after you enter the remote access code, all new messages
play. If there are no new messages, all old messages play.
Once the new messages have played, the telephone announces the help menu
options. If you do not press any key within 20 seconds, the remote access call
automatically disconnects.
When the answering system is turned off, the telephone answers after 10 rings, and
announces, “Please enter your remote access code.”
When the memory is full, the answering system answers incoming calls after 10 rings
and announces, “Memory is full. Enter your remote access code.”