VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Getting started
Telephone base layout
Press to repeat the playing message (page 52).
Press twice to play the previous message (page 52).
Press to delete the playing message (page 52).
When the phone is not in use, press twice to delete
all previously reviewed messages (page 53).
Press to skip to the next message (page 52).
Message window
Shows the number of messages, and other
information of the answering system or
telephone base (page 54).
Press to play messages (page 52).
Press to stop message playback (page 52).
IN USE light
Flashes when there is an incoming call, or another
telephone sharing the same line is in use.
Flashes when handsets are being deregistered.
On when a handset is in use.
On when the answering system is answering a call.
On when a handset is being registered.
VOL+ and VOL-
Press to adjust the volume during message
playback (page 52).
When the phone is not in use, press to adjust the
telephone base ringer volume (page 12).
Press to turn the answering system on or off
(page 45).
Press to page all system handsets (page 25).