VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Answering system operation
Message capacity
The answering system can record and store up to 99 messages. Each message can
be up to three minutes in length (see page 48 to change). The total storage capacity
for the announcement, messages and memos is approximately 14 minutes. The actual
recording time depends on individual message characteristics. Messages remain
available for replay until you delete them.
When F and number of messages are ashing alternately on the message window
and the handsets display Rec mem full, then the memory is full. You cannot turn on
the answering system and record new messages until some old messages have
been deleted.
New message indication
When there are new answering system messages, the handset
displays XX new messages, and the message window on the
telephone base ashes.
If the message alert tone is turned on, the telephone base
beeps every 10 seconds when there are messages that have
not been reviewed.
XX new messages