VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Handset icons
Handset and telephone base indicators
Telephone base lights
On when the telephone line is in use.
On when the answering system is answering a call.
On when you are registering a handset.
Flashes quickly when there is an incoming call.
Flashes when another telephone sharing the same line is in use.
Flashes when you are deregistering all handsets.
On when the answering system is turned on.
Handset lights
On when the handset speakerphone is in use.
CHARGE On when the handset is charging in the telephone base or charger.
The battery icon ashes when the battery is low and needs charging.
The battery icon animates when the battery is charging.
The battery icon becomes solid when the battery is fully charged.
The handset ringer is turned off.
There are new voicemail received from the telephone service provider.
The message number currently playing and total number of new/old
messages recorded.
ANS ON The answering system is turned on.
The ECO mode activates automatically to reduce power consumption whenever the
handset is synchronized with the telephone base.
NEW The entry you are reviewing is new in the caller ID log.