VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone User Manual

About the directory
The directory can store up to 50 entries which are shared by all
system handsets. Each entry may consist of a phone number up
to 30 digits and a name up to 15 characters.
Directory entries are shared by all system handsets.
Any modications made on one handset apply to all
system handsets.
When you access the directory without records, the screen
displays Directory empty.
When the directory is full and you try to save an entry,
the screen displays Directory full.
When you try to save an entry already stored in the directory,
the screen displays Number repeated.
When the telephone number in the directory exceeds 15 digits,
a dash appears after the 14th digit, and then the remaining
digits are shown beginning with a dash, alternately.
Only one handset can review the directory at a time. When a
handset tries to enter the directory while another handset is
already in it, Not available appears.
Directory empty
Directory full
Number repeated
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Not available