Nortel Networks 2211 Telephone User Manual

8 Chapter 1 Getting started
Symbols and text conventions
These symbols are used to highlight critical information for the BCM system:
Caution: Alerts you to conditions where you can damage the equipment.
Danger: Alerts you to conditions where you can get an electrical shock.
Warning: Alerts you to conditions where you can cause the system to fail or work
Note: Alerts you to important information.
Tip: Alerts you to additional information that can help you perform a task.
Security note: Indicates a point of system security where a default should be changed,
or where the administrator needs to make a decision about the level of security required
for the system.
Warning: Alerts you to ground yourself with an antistatic grounding
strap before performing the maintenance procedure.
Warning: Alerts you to remove the BCM main unit and expansion unit
power cords from the ac outlet before performing any maintenance