Nortel Networks 2211 Telephone User Manual

WLAN IP Handset 2210/2211/2212 User Guide
Chapter 3
Feature and function menus
You can view the features and functions programmed in your system using various menus, soft
key features, and the Line (DN) features. You can access some functions and features using one or
more of the methods described in this section.
This section describes theWLAN Handset feature and function menus:
“Feature and function keys” on page 31
“Soft Key Abbreviations menu–MENU key” on page 32
“Function menu—FCN key” on page 32
“Feature menu—LINE key” on page 32
Feature and function keys
The following table lists the features and functions available on the WLAN Handset, along with
their key sequence.
Note: For more information about the features available to yourWLAN Handset
and how to use them, refer to the BCM Telephone Feature Card.
Table 4 WLAN Handset feature and function keys
Key sequence Feature/Function
+ 1 Mute
+ 2Hold
+ 3 Goodbye
+ 4 Directory
+ 5 Inbox
+ 6Outbox
+ 7Quit
+ 8Copy
+ 1 Intercom
+ 2 Intercom
+ 3 Page - General
+ 4 Last Number Redial
+ 5 Conference Call
+ 6 Call Forward