Nortel Networks 2211 Telephone User Manual

16 Chapter 2 WLAN Handsets overview
Table 2 Status indicators
Information area
The Information area shows:
the extension number of the handset
a line for general information
features and call information when the handset is in use
J I H G F These symbols give a visual indication (from strong to weak) of the signal
strength to the handset.
No Service You are outside the coverage area and cannot receive or place calls. The
out-of-service tone plays. Return to the coverage area to re-establish the
Note: The No Service status indicator displays in the information area of the
handset display.
D C B These symbols give a visual indication of the Battery charge. The D
indicates that the battery is fully charged while the B indicates that the
charge is low.
A Your battery pack charge is very low. An audible beep also sounds. Replace
your battery pack within two minutes.
E You have a new voicemail message.
K Your handset is downloading a new firmware file. You will be unable to
make or receive calls until the download is complete.
Do not power off the handset until the download icon disappears.
Melody A melody is played when the WLAN Handset is turned on for the first time
following a completed charge.
In Service Tone When the handset completes registration with the Call Server, it plays the
in-service tone.
Line Indicator The Line Indicator area displays the line currently in use. Any lines which
are not idle or active (for example, if the line is on hold or forwarded) will
have a plus sign (+) sign in front of the entry for that line.
Right/Up and Left/
Down Arrows
These icons, on either side of the Line Indicator, are used in the in-call
menus to indicate “more items below or left” and “more items above or