Nortel Networks 2211 Telephone User Manual

56 Chapter 6 WLAN Handset, headset, batteries, chargers, and accessories
Dual Charger
The Nortel WLAN Handset Desktop Chargers are designed to fully charge the handset and one
spare battery pack in approximately two hours (each). The charger operates in a 50° to 85° F (10°
to 30° C) environment. Do not expose the charger to freezing temperatures or direct sunlight.
Dual chargers are not interchangeable. Use only the charger made for your handset.
Dual chargers are available for the WLAN Handset 2210, WLAN Handset 2211 and
WLAN Handset 2212.
The following figure shows the WLAN Handset 2211 and spare battery pack in its Dual Charger.
Figure 7 WLAN Handset 2211 Dual Charger
The Dual Charger is shipped with the appropriate power supply for the site. Place the Dual
Charger on a flat, horizontal surface. Plug the power supply into the Dual Charger and into an
appropriate wall outlet.
The handset and spare battery cannot charge simultaneously. If both require charging, the handset
has priority and will recharge first. After the handset is fully charged, the spare battery will be
Do not place anything in the Dual Charger other than the correct WLAN
Handset. Doing so might damage the contacts. Bent contacts can keep the
WLAN Handset from charging.