Nortel Networks 2211 Telephone User Manual

Chapter 6 WLAN Handset, headset, batteries, chargers, and accessories 59
WLAN IP Handset 2210/2211/2212 User Guide
Cleaning the WLAN Handset contacts
The battery pack contacts on the WLAN Handset can be cleaned with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol
applied with a cotton swab, cloth, or paper towel. Do not push or pull the exposed battery pack
Optional accessories for the handset are:
carrying case
belt clip
For further information, consult the documentation supplied with the accessory.
Always use the Desktop Charger provided to charge the battery pack.
Other chargers can damage the battery pack.
Only use the original plug-in power adapter for the Desktop Charger.
Do not dip the battery pack in water or throw into the fire.
Do not dispose of the battery pack with your domestic waste. Take used
battery packs to an appropriate collection point for recycling or send them
back to your supplier or servicing agent.
Replacement battery packs are available from your supplier or servicing