Nortel Networks 2211 Telephone User Manual

52 Chapter 6 WLAN Handset, headset, batteries, chargers, and accessories
Nortel offers optional headsets, with a quick-disconnect jack, for use in noisy environments or for
use if you need to have your hands free while talking. The headset is not available in all regions.
To use the headset, simply plug it into the jack on the bottom of your WLAN Handset. If the
headset is disconnected using the quick-disconnect jack, there is no audio connection on the
headset or the speaker and microphone in the WLAN Handset.
The headset is specifically designed to work with the WLAN Handset. Nortel does not recommend
using other headsets.
The following figure shows the headset jack for the WLAN Handset.
Figure 4 WLAN Handset bottom view
Battery packs
The battery pack for the WLAN Handset must be recharged periodically. The
WLAN Handset 2210 and WLAN Handset 2211 use Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable
battery packs, while the WLAN Handset 2212 uses a Lithium ion rechargeable battery pack. The
battery packs provide four hours of talk time or 70 hours of standby time. Standby time is when the
handset is turned on, but not in an active call.
Battery packs are not interchangeable. Use only the battery made for your handset.
The following figures show the location of the battery packs on the handsets.
The only authorized headsets that can be used with WLAN Handset are
those obtained from Nortel, Plantronics, or their reseller partners.