Nortel Networks 2211 Telephone User Manual

46 Chapter 5 Troubleshooting
DCA Timeout The WLAN Handset has detected a fault
for which is cannot recover, possibly due
to a failure to acquire any network.
Turn the WLAN Handset off, then on
again. If the error persists, contact your
system administrator.
DHCP Error (1-5) DHCP Error 1 The WLAN Handset cannot locate a
DHCP server. It will try every four
seconds until a server is located.
DHCP Error 2 The WLAN Handset has not received a
response from the DHCP server to a
request for an IP address. It will retry until
a DHCP server is found.
DHCP Error 3 The server refuses to lease the WLAN
Handset an IP address. It will keep trying.
DHCP Error 4 The DHCP server offered the WLAN
Handset a lease that is too short. The
minimum lease time is 10 minutes. One
hour is the minimum recommended lease
The WLAN Handset will stop trying.
Notify the system administrator.
DHCP Error 5 Failure during WEP Key rotation process
(proprietary feature). Notify the system
DHCP Lease Exp
DHCP is not responding to renewal
attempts (at least one renewal
The WLAN Handset failed to renew its
DHCP lease, either because the DHCP
server is not running, or because the
configuration has been changed by the
administrator. The handset will attempt to
negotiate a new lease, which will either
work, or change to one of the DHCP
The DHCP server explicitly refused
The DHCP lease currently in use by the
WLAN Handset is no longer valid, which
forces the handset to restart. This
problem should resolve itself after the
restart. If it does not, the problem is in the
DHCP server, and you should contact
your system administrator.
DL Not On Sector The WLAN Handset software download
files are incorrect or corrupted.
Contact your system administrator.
DO NOT POWER OFF The WLAN Handset is in a critical section
of the software update.
None. Do not remove the battery or
attempt to power off the WLAN Handset
while this is displayed. Doing so may
require the handset to be returned to
Nortel to be recovered.
Duplicate IP The WLAN Handset has detected
another device with the same IP
Contact your system administrator.
Erase Failed Download process failed to erase the
memory in the WLAN Handset.
If error “int. error: 0F” is displayed, turn
the WLAN Handset off, then on again. If
error persists, contact your system
Table 5 WLAN Handset messages, descriptions, and actions
Message Description Action