Nortel Networks 2211 Telephone User Manual

58 Chapter 6 WLAN Handset, headset, batteries, chargers, and accessories
Quad chargers are not interchangeable. Use only the charger made for your handset.
Quad chargers are available for the WLAN Handset 2211 and WLAN Handset 2212.
The Quad Charger comes with the appropriate power supply for the site. Place the Quad Charger
on a flat, horizontal surface. Plug the power supply into the Quad Charger and into an appropriate
wall outlet.
Using the Quad Charger
To charge the battery pack
1 Remove the battery pack from the handset, following the steps in “To remove the battery pack”
on page 53.
2 Insert the battery pack into one of the four charging bays.
The LED above the charging bay turns on. If the LED starts blinking as soon as the battery
pack is inserted, remove the battery pack and reinsert it into the charger.
If the LED continuously blinks during the charging process, the battery pack is unusable.
Properly dispose of the unusable battery pack.
3 When charging is complete, the LED turns off. Remove the battery pack from the charger.
Cleaning the Desktop, Dual or Quad Chargers
Clean the Desktop, Dual or Quad Charger by wiping the surface with a clean, water-dampened
cloth or paper towel. A mild detergent solution can be used. Be sure to wipe away any detergent
residue with a plain water-dampened cloth.
Do not place anything in the Quad Charger other than the correct WLAN
Handset. You might damage the contacts. Bent contacts can keep the battery
packs from charging.
Unplug the charger before attempting to clean it.
Do not immerse the charger in water or other liquid.
Do not pour liquids into the charger slot.