AT&T EL52303 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Handset display screen messages
Number repeated
The telephone number you have entered is already stored in
the directory.
Out of range or
no pwr at base
The handset has lost communication with the telephone base.
Outside call You switch to an external call during an intercom call.
Paging The telephone base is paging all handsets.
Phone The handset is on a call.
Put in charger
The battery is very low. The handset should be placed in the
telephone base or charger.
Quiet mode off The quiet mode is turned off.
Quiet mode on The quiet mode is turned on.
Rec mem low The answering system has less than 3 minutes to record.
Rec mem full The answering system memory is full.
Ringer muted The ringer is muted temporarily during an incoming call.
Saved An entry has been successfully saved in the directory.
Speaker The handset speakerphone is in use.
To register HS...
...see manual
The handset is not registered to any telephone base.
To screen call
press [SELECT]
The system is recording a message. Press SELECT to screen a call
on a handset.
Transferred You have transferred an outside call to another cordless handset.
Unable to call
Intercom failed.
You try to join a call when there are already four handsets on
that call.
You try to make a call when the handset is out of range.
Unable to save
You cannot save a caller ID log entry to the directory without a
XX missed calls There are XX new calls in the caller ID log.
XX new messages There are XX new messages in the answering system.