AT&T EL52303 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Directory overview
Shared directory
The directory is stored in the telephone base, and is
shared by all handsets. Changes made to the directory on
any one handset apply to all.
NOTE: Only one handset can review the directory at one time. If
another handset attempts to enter the directory, the screen shows
Not available.
Directory memory capacity
The directory can store up to 50 entries, with a maximum
of 15 alphanumeric characters (including spaces) for the
names and 30 digits for the telephone numbers.
If there are already 50 entries, the screen shows
Directory full. You cannot store a new number until you
delete one.
If the directory is empty, when you access it, the screen shows
Directory empty.
Exiting the directory
Press OFF/CANCEL to cancel an operation, back up to the previous menu,
or exit the menu display. Press and hold OFF/CANCEL to return to
idle mode.
Charlie Johnson
Directory full