AT&T EL52303 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Getting started
Press to delete the message currently
playing (page 61).
Press twice to delete all old messages
when the telephone is not in use (page 62).
Press to repeat a message (page 61).
Press twice to play the previous message
(page 61).
Press to skip a message (page 61).
Press to start or stop message playback
(page 60).
During call screening, press to temporarily
turn the call screening on or off (page 58).
Message window
Displays the number of messages or other
answering system information.
When the telephone is not in use, press to
adjust the telephone base ringer volume
(page 19).
During call screening or message
playback, press to adjust the listening
volume (pages 58 and 61).
Press to turn the built-in answering system
on or off.
Press to page all handsets (page 27).
Quick reference guide - telephone base