AT&T EL52303 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Caller ID
Caller ID operation
Missed (new) calls indicator
When you have calls that have not been reviewed, all
handset screens show XX missed calls when in idle mode.
All entries that have not been reviewed are counted as
missed (new) calls. Each time you review a caller ID log
entry marked as NEW, the number of missed calls
decreases by one.
If you do not want to review the missed (new) calls one by
one, but you still want to keep them in the caller ID log,
you can press and hold OFF/CANCEL for 4 seconds
when the handset is idle. All the entries in the caller ID log
will be considered old (reviewed), and the missed call(s)
message goes away.
Review the caller ID log
Review the caller ID log to find out who called, to return the call or to copy
the caller’s name and number into your directory. Call log empty appears if
there are no records in the caller ID log.
When a handset is in idle mode, press CID to view the caller ID log in
reverse chronological order starting with the most recent call.
You can also review the caller ID log by pressing MENU/SELECT, then
CID or DIR to scroll to Caller ID log. Press MENU/SELECT twice to
select Review.
Press CID or DIR to scroll through the list. The handset beeps twice
when you reach the beginning or end of the caller ID log.
Press OFF/CANCEL to exit the caller ID log.
If the telephone number has more than 15 digits, only the last 15 digits appear in the
caller ID log.
Only one handset can review the caller ID log at a time. If another handset attempts to enter
the caller ID log, it shows Not available.
16 missed calls